Q. When can I expect my quilt to be done?

A. General time is 3-4 weeks.

Q. What machine will be used on my quilt?

A. We have an APQS Millennium with a 26” throat, a 12’ table and the Quilt path computerized quilting system.

Q. What kind of batting should I use?

A. We recommend Hobbs 80/20 batting. We have the Hobbs 80/20 available for purchase – please go HERE for pricing and size options.

Q. What kind of thread does 9 Lives Quilting use?

A. We have found that solid and variegated Omni poly wrapped poly core work very well with our machine. You are welcome to provide a high quality thread for us to use on your quilt or we will use one of our in house options and match it to a chosen fabric on your quilt. Visibility of thread is a factor to consider. Quilts with a variety of colors and patterns won’t boldly show the quilting – it’s there but the patchwork quilting will be the star. Alternatively, subdued fabrics can have a contrasting thread really pop to show off the pattern chosen.

Q. Does the quilt backing have to be one piece or can I piece it?

A. Both options are fine. If pieced, we cannot guarantee that it will be centered exactly, but we will get as close as possible. Please also have large borders to make sure all the work you did on piecing the back will be caught by the machine quilting. And like the front, please press entire back and make sure edge seams are backstitched to keep it from pulling apart during quilting.