Hobbs Heirloom Natural Cotton With Scrim – Low loft and very soft with a stabilizer (scrim) needle punched into the cotton. The scrim provides strength and keeps the cotton from stretching. Quilting up to 8 inches apart. $.0030 per square inch.

Hobbs Heirloom Premium 80/20 – One of the most popular quilt battings. More loft and less weight with 80% natural cotton and 20% fine polyester. Needle punched with a resin bonding to give strength and durability. Quilting up to 4 inches apart. $.0027 per square inch.

Hobbs Poly-Down Polyester – Hobbs Poly-down batting is definitely warm with more loft than the cotton batting styles. This batting is also siliconized to resist bearding. The maximum stitch distance is 9″. $.0020 per square inch.

Hobbs Tuscany Cotton/Wool Blend – Made from 80% cotton and 20% super washed wool. This blend resists bunching and fiber migration. Medium to low loft. The maximum stitch distance is 4 inches. $.0050 per square inch.


We currently use Omni Poly Wrapped Poly Core threads which are available in solid and variegated colors. Please see below for pictures of the color cards we choose from. Generally we match to a fabric specified by our clients directly from their quilt.