9 Lives Quilting, LLC, is owned and operated by two best-friends, Ann Hill and Juliet Pagel.

Ann has been machine-piecing and quilting for about twenty years. A couple years back, Juliet asked Ann to help her take up the hobby as well. We have sewed together pretty much every weekend since. In the process, we discovered how wonderful it can be to do computer-guided longarm quilting as one of the final stages for our projects. After much discussion, we formed 9 Lives Quilting, LLC. We knew exactly what kind of equipment we wanted for the best results, and found that the APQS Millennium with Quilt Path computerization added would be more than suitable.

Our quilting studio is located in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Our APQS “Millie” proudly resides there on a 12′ Deluxe Table. The studio has some Steampunk decorating elements, which help to make the time we spend there even more fun – because, of course, doing computerized quilting as a job is fun!

We know there are many creative folks who love the quilting that a longarm machine can produce, and want to hire that service. We aim to provide our clients with a pleasant experience and excellent quality work – hopefully many times over!