Please look over this checklist to make sure your quilt is ready to send to us. (Note: The top, batting and back need to be separate for us to correctly load into the machine.)

Main body of quilt top

Press the quilt top to lay as flat as possible. This will help avoid folds in the quilting.

Try to make all seams as secure as you can – back stitch edges where possible.

Mark the top and/or backing fabric with a safety pin & note if quilt top and/or backing fabric is directional.

Remove all pins unless they are holding a note for us.

Snip any extra threads on front and back as necessary.

Not all piecing issues can be quilted out, but we will do our very best. Extra fullness and puckers may cause trouble. We will contact you if we see a problem and will discuss.

Backing fabric

Backing fabric needs to be at least 4” larger than the quilt top on all sides.

If backing is pieced or in panels, please make sure that seams are pressed.

We strongly recommend that the fabric be the same type of material as the quilt top. (i.e. Use 100% cotton backing fabric with a 100% cotton quilt top. )


If you send in a batting to be used, make sure it is at least 4” larger than the quilt top on all sides. Alternatively, we can provide the batting for a nominal fee. Please check HERE for options and pricing. We reserve the right to refuse batting if it will cause a problem when quilting.


Please let us know if there is a fabric on your quilt top that you would like us to match the thread to. If we pick up your quilt, we will bring our thread option cards to be able to choose the best color.

We have a variety of solid thread colors as well as variegated available. We use Omni poly wrapped poly core thread at this time. While any color thread can be specified for the bobbin, it is recommended that the same color be used on the top and bottom to avoid having any thread showing through from either side. We can also match bobbin thread to the backing if you prefer.

Quilt Patterns

You may choose your quilting patterns HERE. Please let us know if there is a pattern you have downloaded from another site that you wish to use and we can discuss whether it will work.