Client will need to provide fabric for binding. King-size quilts will need around 1 yard. We cut 2.25″ strips which we angle sew together and iron in half. No real prep work is needed on your part except for providing the binding fabric!

We trim the batting and backing to the edge of the quilt top unless otherwise specified, and uses the French fold method where the binding is folded in half and then sewn on for extra durability.

Machine sewn to one side. Client can hand sew to other side to finish.

Machine sewn to front. Please note: YOU will need to finish stitching the back, using the method of your choice. This option is $.10 per linear inch. (Width x 2 plus length x 2)

Full machine binding.

Machine sewn to front and back. The front is sewn with folded corners. The corners are folded and sewn in order to wrap smoothly. Then the back is pinned into place and sewn with a stitch in the ditch that matches. This option is $.15 per linear inch. (Width x 2 plus length x 2).